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Super Bowl Commercials

February 11, 2010

Sunday afternoon the Super Bowl was played between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orléans Saints.  While the game was terrific, the commercials  shown during the game were absolutely pathetic.  Few, if any, showed any imagination or humor.

I had previously committed to writing about the commercials played during the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl is the most watched television program shown on American television.  The game is also televised in many other countries including, Japan, all of South America, most countries in Europe, Canada, and many other countries.  This year’s game attracted a record 106 million people in the United States to watch.

Companies wanting to advertise their products during the Super Bowl paid three million dollars for one minute of time.  This did not include the cost of producing the commercial, which each company had to pay for as well.  With this many people watching, this is a great time to promote your products.  That is why most commercials are usually very good.  This year, however, was a big disappointment.  The commercials lacked any imagination or humor, tending to be boring and routine.

I will attempt to show you a few examples of the best commercials, such as they are.

First on my list is arguably the best commercial shown during the Super Bowl.  The humor of this commercial shows very old people trying to play football.  The old people are a  metaphor for young people lacking energy and strength.  Here is the commercial.

Beer companies will always have the most commercials shown during the Super Bowl.  This year, most of the beer commercials were very disappointing.  This Budweiser commercials was the best of a disappointing group of commercials.

While not that funny, at least it made an attempt at humor.  I thought these two commercials were the best shown during the game.  As I have already said, this year’s commercial were particularly bad.

I would like to take this opportunity highlight for their  bad judgement.  They showed a series of commercials featuring very beautiful women wearing very little clothing.  I found these commercials especially offensive.  They seem to think that someone would use their service simply because they show beautiful women wearing very little clothing in their commercials.  While, personally, I do not object to the women, I do object to being treated as if I would use their service just because they show these women in their commercials.


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