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Drinking Alcohol And Driving A Car

February 22, 2010

During my vacation to China in 2007 I was surprised to discover I was able to buy a can of beer from a vending machine in the Beijing airport.  I already knew that there was no minimum age to buy or drink alcohol in China.  Drinking alcohol is very different in America, where the minimum age to buy alcohol is 21, meaning prior to your  twenty-first birthday, you cannot drink, buy, or possess alcohol.

You  also cannot drink alcohol and then drive a car.  If a police officer stops you in your  car while you are driving after  have been drinking alcohol the penalties are very severe.    In the United States, deaths caused by people driving while under the influence of alcohol , have caused a very strong push by police, government and private groups to advocate for harsher punishments.  Trying  to deter people from driving and then driving has become a very popular movement.

With all the efforts to stop or at least limit the number of people killed or injured by people driving while impaired by alcohol,  far too many people are still killed or injured every year, especially during the holidays).  While doing a little research for this article, I discovered that China does have a minimum drinking age (18).  This was just enacted in 2006.  This encourages me and hope that China and any other developing country does not learn the hard way about driving and alcohol.  Far too many people are killed and too many lives lives ruined by someone driving a car while under the influence of alcohol.

Here is a link to minimum ages in various countries to drink alcohol.


Here is the web site for one of the largest and most influential groups in the United Stares trying to stop or at least restrict driving and alcohol consumption.

I hope that the developing countries do not learn the hard way about drinking and driving.


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