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Cost Of Driving A Car

March 12, 2010

Living in Los Angeles, it is necessary for me to drive a car.  I know to some people in China, driving a car represents a freedom never imagined.  There are however, some hidden costs that need to be considered.

Every year, in California, each person must  pay for vehicle registration.  If I do not pay, I am not allowed to drive my car.  This year my registration fee is $96.  I am required to have car insurance.  When I pay my registration, I have to show proof of auto insurance.  This year I will have to pay $620 for my insurance.  That is a total of $716 just to drive my car for one year not including gas, maintenance or any other cost associated with owning a car.  I am also required to prove that my car does not emit too much pollution.  That will require me to get my car tested.  This is called a smog test.  The cost of that test will be between $30-50.  That will be over $900 without buying any gasoline.  These are all costs associated with driving a car in the United States.

So, while driving a car does allow a great freedom of mobility, it also calls for a plethora of personal responsibility.  It just shows that with every freedom, there is a cost.  This is, however a cost that I am willing to pay.


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