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Spring Time

April 6, 2010

It is spring time in Los Angeles, my favorite time of the year.  The weather is very comfortable during the day and a little cool during the nights.  There can be a little rainfall, but mostly it is sunny and comfortable.  The average temperature ranges from a high of 25 degrees, to a low of 9 degrees.  There is usually a gentle breeze blowing leaving the air is very fresh and clean.  This is a great time of year to go for a walk after finishing your dinner.

Quite possibly my favorite thing about the spring is the start of the baseball season.  The “opening day” was yesterday, 4/5/10.   Baseball is my favorite sport and the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team is my favorite sports team.  I only follow two sports teams and the other team is the University of Montana Grizzlies football team.  I will write more about both teams as time goes on. 加油 Dodgers

For me, springtime is a time of optimism and hope.  Spring time makes me feel that anything and everything is possible and the only limits on my life are the ones that I put on it.  Spring rejuvenates me and makes me feel that I can start all over, leaving my past mistakes behind.  I always feel young and hopeful.  I hope that everyone can experience at least one spring in Los Angeles.


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