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April 27, 2010
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Americans love our pets.  This is how I originally started to write this post two days ago.  This was all that I had written and I was thinking about how I was going to finish this.  All of my plans and thoughts changed with a phone call I received from my closest and dearest friend.  Her dog had died the day before.  Hearing her describe her feelings of grief and loss made it very clear what I wanted to say.

Americans love our pets and sometimes we treat them as if they were our own children.  They become our best friends, confidants and even the person we turn to when we are sad or depressed.  Yes I said “the person.”  When we have a pet, they are a person, a part of our families.  We take their pictures of our pets, cut their hair, give them special food to eat and some people (like my sister) even buy them clothes.  Some people will spare no cost for their pet.  We take them to animal doctors (veterinarians) and will spend as much as we can afford to keep them healthy.  Many people, if they have to leave home for several days, will put their a pet in a hotel for pets.  Yes, I said pet hotels.  This may sound ridiculous, but this is how we are in the U.S.  We love our pets and I must admit, I love mine.

I have a dog.  His name is  “Buddy.”  Buddy in English means friend, and he is my friend.  I love this dog.  I never wanted a dog, but he is now my best friend.  He was my mother’s dog for three years.  She fed him, took care of him and loved him very much.  My mother would always ask me to take care of him if anything happened to her.  I always refused telling her I did not want a dog.  She asked me many times and finally I told her I would take care of him.  My mother passed away last September and I inherited this dog.

At first I took this as an obligation to my mother.  I dutifully took care of him for the first few months without emotion or love.  Well, at least I thought so.  Today, Sunday April 25, 2010,  my best friend called me and told me that her dog had passed away yesterday.  I heard her tell me how much she loved this dog and how much she will miss him.  This made me realize that although I started taking care of my dog as an obligation, I now know that I do love this dog.  I realize that I am just like all the other crazy Americans who would do anything for their pet.  I will do almost anything for my dog.  I am now treating him as a part of my family because he is.

Here are a couple of pictures of my dog.  I just want you to see the little dog that I love so much.

This is dedicated to Sam, a good friend who will always be loved.


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