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It’s Raining In Los Angeles

May 5, 2010

Today is Wednesday May 5 and  last Wednesday was April 28 and it rained just a bit that evening.  This is very good for Los Angeles.   This was very good because for the last five years there has been very little rain in Los Angeles.  It  has so bad we have had to limit our water usage.

Los Angeles usually receives most of its rain in February and March.  Spread throughout  the city are many small mountains or hills.  These mountains have trees, plants and grass growing wild on them.  During the rainy season all these plants and trees will grow and become very green.  Then in the spring time, when the rain stops, all this will start to die and  become very dry.  During the summer time the temperatures average around 37 c (100 f) and can sometimes reach as high as 47 c (120 f).  This will cause the plants to dry up and die.  These plants become very good fuel for a fire.

During September and October Los Angeles will have very strong winds blowing.  These winds are very hot and dry.  With all the dry and dead plants there will tremendous amount of fuel for fires.  We have had many terrible and deadly  fires in Los Angeles the last five years.  While there may not be too many people killed, it is still a great tragedy that people are killed.

Getting rain this late in the year (almost May) is very good news for us living in Los Angeles.  This rain keeps all the plants and trees from dying and drying out.  Maybe this year we will not have as much fuel for the fires and thus not too many fires.  At least I hope so.


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