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Mother’s Day

May 9, 2010

Today is Sunday May 9, 2010.  In the United States this is Mother’s Day.  This is a day when everyone pays tribute to their mother.  We buy them presents and take them out to restaurants to eat a good meal.  We spend time with them to let them know how much we appreciate all the things they do or have done for us.

If you are interested in the technical details, here is a link to a complete explanation of the different customs observed by many of the countries in the world.  Click here.

This is the first Mother’s Day since my mother passed away last year and I really miss her.  My mother used to tell me that she knew everything and when I was young I believed her.  Today I realize how easy it is to see that a young child is not telling the truth, but when I was young I did not know that.  My mother would just look at me and say “I know what you did,” and I would confess to her every naughty thing I had done.

My mother was also very generous.  After she died, my family and I realized how much money my mother donated to charities.  Every week I get four, five or more letters from different organizations that my mother donated money to.  I will try to use her as an example and try to do more for other people.

I love my mother and will always miss her.  Here are some pictures of my mother.


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