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Memorial Day

May 31, 2010

Today, Monday May 31 is Memorial Day.  This is a day, in the United States when we pay tribute to all the military veterans from all wars who died while serving our country.  Here is a link to the history and ceremonies celebrated on Memorial_Day.  This is also considered the first day of summer even though summer does not officially begin until June 21.

Each person will celebrate this holiday in their own way.  Families and friends will come together to barbeque, spend the day outside and play sports.  This is also when stores will cut their prices and hope to sell many things.  This is a very good time for watching sports, particularly baseball.

There will be many also be many public celebrations.  There are parades, concerts and public ceremonies.  This year the Government has also asked every American to take one minute of silence to pay tribute to all the dead veterans.

This year I went to the cemetary where my father is buried.  My father was in the United States Army during World War II.  My father served in Africa and Europe.  He even served during “D-day” when the Allied forces invaded Europe.  I loved my father very much.

Here is a picture of my father taken while serving in the United States Army.  He is in the first row kneeling, first man on the left.

Elmer Harrington 1920 – 1990.  I miss my dad.


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