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Car Pool

August 2, 2010

Living in Los Angeles people have gotten accustomed to traffic and traffic jams.  From everything I have read about China, Los Angeles traffic jams do not even come close to comparing to Chinese traffic jams.  There is one thing that I hope China will learn from the United States, and that is “car pools.”

In Los Angeles, all the public highways, called freeways’ have one lane of traffic dedicated to car pools.  Car pools are groups of people who agree to allow one person to drive all the other people in the group to work or whatever destination they are going to.  I car pool with one person that I work with.  One week, she drives to my home, I get into her car and she drives us to work.  The next week I drive, first going to her home, picking her up and driving both of us to work.  That way we save money on gas as I only drive to work one out of every two weeks.

By doing this, we save gas (and money), pollute the environment less and cut the number of cars on the highways by one car every day.  In order to motivate people to do this, most highways have a car pool lane.  This is a traffic lane that only cars with two or more people in the car can drive in the lane.  These lanes have far less traffic,  travel  faster and seldom have any traffic jams.

A couple of weeks ago, on our drive home, there was an accident and the traffic was jammed for a couple of miles.  I was able to drive in the car pool lane, meaning we did not get caught in the traffic jam.  It felt so good to drive in the car pool lane without having to slow down.  We were able to drive right past all the cars caught in the traffic and get home at the same time as we usually get home.


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