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Pets (Part 2)

November 16, 2010
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Last April, in this Blog,  I wrote about Americans and our pets.  At that time, one of my best friend’s dog had just died.  We have talked several time since then about her getting a new dog.  At first, she needed some time to mourn for her deceased dog and as time past she was able to start looking for a new dog.  That searched ended two days ago when she got a new dog.

Today my friend and I planned to have lunch, but she canceled because she did not want to leave her new puppy (a puppy is a baby dog).   When I hear her voice I can tell just how excited and happy she is.  It is amazing just how happy a person can be with their pet.  I will, in the future,  laugh at my friend for her love and excitement with her new pet.  My friend however, will also laugh at me and make fun of me for the care I give to my dog.

Having a  pet can give a person so much.  All you need to do is provide food and a little comfort and your pet will give you a life of friendship.  My dog has become my friend, giving me faithful companionship.  He greets me when I come home from work, eagerly awaits our nightly walks and asks nothing from me in return.  It is amazing how much an animal who cannot speak, work or help me has become so important to me, but he has.


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