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Black Friday

November 26, 2010

Today, Friday November 26, 2010 is the day after Thanksgiving.  The day after Thanksgiving is also known as Black Friday.  This is the day when most retail businesses in the United States start to make a profit.  This is also the start of the Christmas season and one of the biggest things that every person does is buy Christmas presents.  The day after Thanksgiving is usually thirty (30) or so days before Christmas.  All of the large retail businesses start to give big discounts on their prices hoping to help sales.  That makes this time very good for the big and small retail stores.  Retail stores like Wal-Mart opened today at 12:00 am hoping to get many customers to start shopping.  We will hear after a day or two how just how good the shopping was today, but the early news reports say that shopping is very good.

Now, why is it called Black Friday?  That is because accountants always record, in their records in red for a loss, and black as a profit.  Most retail businesses operate at a loss (also known as in the red) until the day after Thanksgiving.  From this day forward, the store will start to make a profit for the year (in the black).  Everything they sell from this day until the end of the year will be a profit, putting the business in the black.


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