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About me

Hello and welcome to my Blog.  My name is Dennis Harrington, a 55-year-old American male born in Butte, Montana, but I grew up in Los Angeles, California.

My job is in the computer repair industry and I am the production manager at my job.  The company I work for repairs disk and tape drives.  It is a small company (less than fifty employees) in Simi Valley, California.  My hobbies include playing guitar, studying Chinese, watching movies and listening to music.

I have two older sisters, both are teachers.  My oldest sister is a college professor.  My other older sister teaches special education, meaning she teaches children with physical and mental disabilities.

Six years ago I met a Chinese woman from Chengdu.  She became my girl friend and we lived together for about one year.  While this relationship did not work out, since that time I have been very interested in Chinese language and culture.  I have had two more Chinese girl friends, one from Beijing and another from Tianjin.  I guess I’m not a very good boyfriend, hahaha.   I don’t mean to make fun of my failed relationships because I did think that they would succeed when I started them.

This was the beginning of my fascination with China; including the culture, history, language, food and people.  I have studied Chinese Language for several years now, but I am not a very good student.

I have been to China one time on vacation and I was captivated by the historic sites, culture, history, and the beauty of the country.   With all of that, what I enjoyed mostly was the people.  I found the Chinese people are kind, courteous, and very curious about Westerners.

There is more about me that I hope you will discover as I write this Blog.  I really hope that someone will read this Blog.  Here are some pictures so you can see who is writing this Blog.


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